Mapping Ethiopia's Population

27 January 2016 by Caitlyn

Ethiopia is the tenth largest African nation, encompassing more than 1,100,000 km2. It’s estimated that 99,400,000 people live in this vastly rural country, but factors such as the high number of mortalities due to preventable and curable diseases make it difficult to be confident in such estimates. Devising data-driven population counts based on recent satellite imagery and average people-per-building estimates helps growing nations and GDOs appropriate funds & effectively campaign against disease and famine.

In our ongoing effort to provide reliable population data for GDOs we will be mapping populations across Africa. Today, we are launching a campaign to map Ethiopia’s population by inviting the global Tomnod community to validate the results of an image mining algorithm that detects villages.

Because of Ethiopia’s size, we are breaking the area up into 16 parts and mapping them one by one.

Sections of Ethiopia to be crowdsourced.
Sections of Ethiopia to be crowdsourced.

Start mapping Ethiopia’s population

To celebrate this new project, we will be holding a raffle. Two people will be chosen at random from a pool of the top fifty contributors, based on quality and quantity of contributions, and will be awarded an official Famine Early Warning Systems Network (FEWS NET) t-shirt, which have been graciously donated by FEWS NET as a thank you for our help providing famine-related data in South Sudan. Weekly standings will be posted in this Tomnod forum topic.

Caitlyn is the crowdsourcing manager at Tomnod. She engages the Tomnod community and unleashes their help to crowdsource the world.